Cast as: Intimidating, Leader, Educated with Internal Strength

Doug is best known for his ability to play an extraordinary range of characters, from Wall Street to Skid Row and almost everything in between. Part Gary Sinise and part Richard Burton, Doug revels in characters that are tenacious, authoritative, sometimes heroic and often dangerous. 

Perhaps it was Doug's 22 years as a firefighter and paramedic that draws him to characters who can remain calm in high-stakes situations. As he recalls, "I would often have a crowd including the family watching my every move in a life and death situation. Many times they would say my calm demeanor immediately put them at ease. The community and family were always watching with such intensity, as if they would probably remember my actions forever." 

He stepped into acting after watching the tv show "Who's Line is it Anyway?" and immediately signed up for improv classes. He was both surprised and encouraged when his teacher cast him in a fully-improvised, 90-minute western with several other actors. And after the show closed, he was hooked. 

Inspired by the John Cassavetes approach to film acting, to "listen loudly and speak softly", Doug considers his acting work to be an exercise in staying present in every moment. And when he's not acting, he's an expert kitesurfer and travels worldwide to find new waters. He also enjoys wake boarding, yoga, weight training, trying new recipes and entertaining friends with a BBQ.